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The Mindful Writing Workshop: Teaching in the Age of Stress and Trauma


“Trauma-informed writing workshop is a method that builds both engagement and the student’s sense of self-efficacy—it can restore and grow both the desire and capacity to learn.”

Today’s youth are growing up in an age of stress and trauma, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the classroom. Absenteeism, emotional distraction, passivity, and unresponsiveness are all signs of children in need. Thankfully, it turns out that the workshop classroom, with limited but essential tuning, can be just the environment students in the grip of trauma need to become comfortable in themselves and break through into active learning.

In The Mindful Writing Workshop: Teaching in the Age of Stress and Trauma, Professor Richard Koch offers clear, comprehensive, guided lessons that help teachers gain the insight necessary to adapt their instruction of writing to incorporate restorative and healing practices—practices that can improve the quality of learning and writing for all learners.

Accessible, straightforward, and empowering, the approaches presented in The Mindful Writing Workshop will help previously indifferent or distracted students become engaged, increase their effort, deepen their resilience, and soon raise the quality of
their writing, all while guiding teachers in creating a positive, collaborative, “doing” classroom.

* A free PDF download of the book is also available here courtesy of the author.

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"I adopted this text for my Teachers as Writers course which is required for candidates seeking an MEd in Reading Specialist from Carlow University. This is the perfect resource to guide practicing teachers towards developing and fostering a mindful community of writers in their classrooms, schools, and school districts. Dr. Koch elevates the important work of writing, at just the right time in our world, through rich learning opportunities that connect, heal, transform, motivate, and inspire students."

– Val Piccini, MEd, Reading Specialist and Instructor 

School of Education, Carlow University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

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