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KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Richard will be the keynote speaker on

"Mindfulness in the Classroom" at the

Western Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of English


March 20th, 2024


Nothing is more important in these difficult times than providing trauma-informed, healing classrooms as we grow students’ knowledge and skills. Educators need to both respond to students restoratively and also to take healing care of themselves. As a student, you'll get a few great benefits from being here.

Sponsored by the Saint Vincent College Education Department and the Western Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of English (WPCTE), The Heart of Teaching conference will feature informative, interactive, and trendsetting professional learning sessions delivered by some of our best local educators and organizations with a focus on active learning of ELA, SEL, reading and writing across the curriculum, technology, and general teaching concepts that have immediate application to grades 4-12 schools and classrooms. We hope that you will join us in coming together to celebrate the love of literacy and learning, to share in the exchange of creative ideas, and to forge heartfelt professional relationships with one another. 

For more information:


Richard is also beginning to work with the “HER DREAM INITIATIVE” IN KITWE, ZAMBIA

through the local Vineyard Church.


This project is designed to help girls become able to go to school in Zambia.

If you would like to help with this project, please contact Richard.


Her Dream Initiative is a project by Changing Communities a registered non profit that partners with Individuals, Organizations and local Communities to alleviate poverty. Her Dream Initiative (HDI) provides Education Support to the Girl Child from Primary to College. The Government of the Republic of Zambia provides free education at primary and secondary level. However despite this incentive by the Government the Girl Child seems to be uninspired to pursue an education. Her Dream Initiative aims to address some of the factors that seem to work against the Dream of a Girl Child. Support will cover the following:

● Mentorship
● Uniforms Support

● Books Support
● Hygiene Support

● Meals Support


Currently we have 5 girls on the program and we look to scale the program to support 30 beneficiaries in 2024 with the help of Partners. Most of these girls are orphaned or live with a single parent.

The Girl Challenge:

The primary challenge that the girl Child is facing is that they come from homes which have little or no income. These girls come from poor homes; 60% of the Zambian population is living in poverty ( Poverty is defined as living on less than $2 USD per day). As a result most of these girls do not receive enough support or inspiration to pursue an education. As a result most of the girls become victims of early marriages and other social vices.Among 15–19 year old adolescents, 16.5% of girls are married compared with 1% of boys. Among 20–24 year olds who are already married, 31.4% of females were married before age 18 as compared with only 2.2% of males. Such a scenario replicates the cycle of poverty at the household level.

Project Funding:

Currently the program is being supported through crowd funding and also with the help of the local Church Riverside Vineyard Church.

Become a Partner:

We invite you to become a project partner of Her Dream Initiative! You can help us scale the program by supporting more girls. You could also partner on the project by providing resources that can help the girls to aspire for a better future. You need to know that “her dream is our dream!” When a Girl Child is transformed even the Community will be transformed.

Cost of Support:

Uniforms: $45 (yearly)

Books: $12 (per term)

Hygiene: $7 (per term)

Meals: $75 (Monthly per Household/ 6 members)

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