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Session 1: Keynote Introduction - Mindful Writing Workshop
Session 2: Life Maps as Doorway to Healing Trauma
Session 3: Teaching for Healing and Quality
Session 4: Meditation, Collective Trauma, and Self-Care
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Why Mindful Writing Workshop: A District View
Trauma Informed Literacy Instruction - NWP Podcast
A conversation with Richard Koch and Elizabeth Dutro, discussing their recent publications, The Mindful Writing Workshop and The Vulnerable Heart of Literacy. They speak about literacy teaching that is informed by, and mindful of, the stress and trauma in all of our lives.
From the National Writing Project Newsletter:
"This winter has been a winter of grief for so many families across the nation, and teachers continue to be ‘frontline workers’ in responding to communities experiencing unprecedented trauma. We could use a dose of help and care, too. No wonder we resonated with this episode of NWP Radio in which Richard Koch and Elizabeth Dutro discuss trauma-informed literacy instruction and The Mindful Writing Workshop."
PQS—Positive Response Protocol
Life Map Writing Lesson
Mindful Writing Workshop Study Group Video #2
Mindful Writing Workshop Study Group Video #3
Comments from Student Teachers
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